Don’t be a Gotcha Call Victim

Take your VoIP system seriously

If you have already been talking to your traditional telephone system provider and they have come up with an IP based phone system for you, then you might want to check that they know what they are talking about, this may be a classic gotcha call! Does your vendor know enough about your IT systems to be able to provide the best solution for you and ensure a smooth implementation? Here are some issues they might NOT have considered.

Gigabit Phones

Has the vendor provided you with Gigabit phones with switches included in the phone? There are many phone system companies still promoting and selling older technology with either 100 Mbps switches incorporated into the phone or, even worse, no switch at all. A gigabit switch included in the handset means that you have flexibility to run your data and your phone on the same network and can run each desk on a single cable. Get sold the wrong phone and you might suddenly find you need to buy more hardware, upgrade your handsets or even install all new cabling. TechBrain and Technology will ensure the phone system suits your cabling and discuss options if there might be any problems.

Network Points

Has the vendor considered how the phones and computers will connect up? Have they ensured you have the right number of network points and the right communications equipment in the background to correctly merge the data and phone environments? Many vendors use a default solution of supplying a new switch with every implementation. Not only is this unnecessary if you already have the right equipment, but might just not work at all if your cabling is not up to standard or you do not have network points in the right locations.

Analysis of Existing Setup

Has the vendor looked at your existing systems and made sure that the phone system will work with them? Have they asked you about integration with Outlook, software for mobiles and tablets and requirements to access the phone system from other locations? TechBrain & Technology will ensure that your existing environment will work with the new phone system and that we understand your current IT environment and needs before we propose a new system.

Full Mobility

Has the vendor offered a solution that provides you with full mobility for your business? Are they capable of making and testing changes from the office desk phone to the remote softphone on a tablet and every device in between? TechBrain & Technology have the skills and knowledge to plan, build and maintain not just the telephone system, but every system in between providing a much more thorough service.

Vested Interests

Some years ago, the insurance industry implemented “Product Disclosure” rules to ensure that customers were aware when they were being sold a service that was going to make the supplier more money. The same rules do not apply in telephony or IT services and given that you need to make some significant purchasing decisions, doesn’t it make sense to be aware if your vendor has a vested interest in the ‘add-on” services like line rental and call costs. If your vendor has not discussed a cost effective solution then perhaps you should ask them for disclosure on the products they are making commission from….and then ask a few more questions about those products. You might find that:
  • The vendor is recommending a much faster internet service than you really need or….
  • The vendor is not offering internet based calls that will cost you less or….
  • The vendor has a vested interest in keeping your telephony services on old land based services
  • Honesty and integrity is a large part of the services that TechBrain & Technology provide. You only have to look at the Testimonials provided by some of our clients to understand that these two qualities are ingrained in everything we do. Why not try for yourself and see just how open a business relationship can really be.


Is the system your vendor is proposing based on open standards providing flexibility and the ability to recover to just about any windows based platform, including a virtual environment, or is it hardware, manufacturer dependant and recovery is dependant on the specific vendor and the hardware manufacturer. TechBrain has settled on the 3CX IP Telephony platform because of it flexibility and ability to recover to just about any machine in the event of a disaster. If you run a virtual environment, you might not even have to have hardware to use.

Add On Costs

Has you vendor included some of the advanced functionality like conference facilities, call centre and Exchange Unified Messaging integration at no cost or is there a new “License” fee for each new feature. The 3CX solution by TechBrain in Perth includes all the functionality most businesses will ever need including conference facilities (Including automatic dialling), call logging, call reporting, full call centre functionality and reporting, auto attendant and much much more.
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