Simple Steps To Stop Scammers Destroying Your Business

Australian business are failing on cybersecurity, what should your business be doing to stay safe? TechBrain investigates.

By Adam Turner

How Your Business Can Benefit From Professional IT Consulting

If you company has ever witnessed a business process realignment or reorganization, from systems integration, to addressing the regulatory requirements, to implementing a new software, you know what a massive budget and time consuming process it is! However, introducing a third-party IT ....

The Importance of Effective Disaster Recovery Planning

Organizations over the globe are generating and saving an unprecedented amount of information by the day. With the cost of data storage plummeting due to the incessant advancement in technology, most companies are reported to double their stored information every 18 months. Generally, this is a result ....

BYOD: The Necessity of Application and Device Synchronization

What is BYOD?

What is BYOD?The days of issuing employees business-owned pagers, cell phones, and laptops are history with the inception of the BYOD policy. BYOD or “Bring your Own Device” to work concept is an alternative and a truly ingenious strategy, allowing users, business partners, ....