The Best IT Solutions in Perth by TechBrain


There are many IT solution providers in Perth. These companies cater to many businesses, offering a broad range of solutions. One of the best providers for any IT problems is, however, TechBrain.

TechBrain has all the top IT solutions in Perth. Here are some of the IT solutions that it offers.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Perth

You can have some peace of mind by completely relying on TechBrain to find a solution to your hardware-related problems. HaaS can be costly, and you may want to stay within your budget. Fret not because with TechBrain’s HaaS solution, you are all set. Instead of purchasing hardware, you can rent it. Just send your data to TechBrain and it will do your work for you at affordable monthly packages.


With the unprecedented growth of IT, the chances of intellectual property being at risk have also increased. TechBrain provides a solution to this dilemma by offering you top-notch cyber security. It aims to protect your data and infrastructure from potential threats.

Synchronisation for your organisation

Another solution provided by TechBrain relates to your synchronisation issues. You want all your data and important stuff to be well-organised in every device. With TechBrain’s integration and synchronisation solution, you are all set to push forward without the hassle caused by switching devices all the time. It enables you to input data once and it magically copies to all required places.

Asset life-cycle management

A smart businessperson is one who knows how to manage their work to maximise their profits and minimise their losses. However, they can’t focus on everything. In Perth, IT solution provider TechBrain focuses on your IT-related matters for you. It helps you increase your profits through its asset life-cycle management service.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the three types of cloud hosting. In SaaS, a third-party software provider hosts different applications and distributes them to its customers via the internet. TechBrain runs SaaS applications on its servers, allowing you to get the most out of your cloud computing experience. Being a SaaS provider, TechBrain gives you a multitude of benefits. Also, it cuts your costs by removing the need to install, run, and maintain apps.


Tired of standing in a queue to submit your IT-related problems? TechBrain has yet another solution for you. With TechBrain’s help desk support system at your service 24/7, you have the company’s assistance with you at all moments. The dedicated team provides an easy solution to all your queries by responding to you quickly and giving you helpful suggestions.

Data backup

Data plays a vital role in business and if your company loses its data, you’d be hanging on for dear life. This is the worst case scenario a company can face. That is why TechBrain provides stellar backup services. May it be malware attacks, a system crash, or a cryptovirus, TechBrain has got you covered. This backup is automatic and saved at an off-site location.