Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber vulnerability is now front and centre of every business owner and leader’s mind because the ramifications of a cyber attack can be so significant. Simply relying on a data backup and an insurance policy is not nearly enough. A proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risk is required by carrying out a vulnerability assessment.

TechBrain performs regular and comprehensive cyber vulnerability assessments which include, as a minimum, the following:

  • Review of procedures relating to backups (including test rebuilds to ensure the backup actually works)
  • Archiving
  • Patch updates
  • User access controls and user permission locks
  • Threat containment
  • Password controls
  • Script execution blocks
  • Suitability of server and workstation firewalls
  • Unified threat management
  • Endpoint protection with zero day threat protection and ransom ware protectio

Here are some simple questions business owners and leaders should be asking themselves when it comes to enterprise cyber security:

  • Do we require dual authentication to access critical information systems
  • Do we require a regular cyber vulnerability assessment?
  • Do we mandate regular password updates
  • Do we have perimeter protection including Unified Threat Management for inbound and outbound protection
  • Do we have a Disaster Recovery Plan that is implemented and updated regularly
  • Do we have User Account Control as well as policies to block script and processes from executing from temporary and system folders?

If the answer to any of these is no or if any of the 10 points raised under vulnerability assessment have raised questions about how secure your IT environment is, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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